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Located in Perth you will find christening gowns, christening dresses, christening gowns for boys  and baby  rompers  designed and stitched by Little Lovebird. Here you will also find the most adorable tiny tailor made christening clothes, smocked dresses, accessories and christening gifts for your babies.

Please note the name and description next to each item as it is very important when communicating the correct order and making a successful purchase.  When ordering a garment it is important that you send an email outlining the garment name, size, fabric and colour. A sizing table is outlined on the Help page.  For further information regarding any article of clothing please contact Lorraine Kingsley at info@littlelovebird.com
Made with love by Little Lovebird as she weaves her magic into every detail and thread of fabric so its finished with finesse.

Perth’s most extensive range of boys Christening outfits, baptism garments, boys christening gowns, suits and casual sets. Perth’s only custom tailoring to suit your needs.

Best quality twins Christening wear in Perth. Twice the love, twice as nice matching classis or contemporary garments, handmade to co-ordinate your adorable twins on their special day.

Perth’s best range of christening gowns, Christening dresses and smocked special occasion dresses for your precious baby girl.

Perth’s top range of mix and match Christening accessories, including shoes, bonnets, bibs, wraps, sashes, slips, headbands, candles, berets and much more.

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