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When ordering a garment it is important that you send an email outlining the garment name, size, fabric and colour.

A sizing table is outlined later on this page. 


A deposit of 25% is required in order to start the order and the balance will be requested prior to posting. We deal with PayPal as this is a recognised internet bank. 


All orders are sent within Australia via parcel post. International orders will have the postage added to the cost of the order. Optional Buyer Charges for Shipping Insurance: Standard parcel post insurance cost is $10 (postage and handling) Platinum bag (express) is $15 (postage and handling).


International delivery charges

Orders up to 500g at $25.00 per order.

Orders 500g to 750g at $32.00 per order.

Orders 750g to 1kg at $35.00 per order.

Orders 1kg to 1.5kg at $40.00 per order.

Orders 1.5kg to 1.75kg at $48.00 per order.

Orders 1.75kg to 2kg at $54.00 per order.


Many of the garments are made of natural cotton, which tends to shrink about 3-5% of the original size. Our garments are a general fit and allow for shrinkage. All silk garments are recommended to be dry cleaned. All smocked garments are recommended to be hand washed as it is hand embroidery.


Returns are only accepted by return post unused if it is faulty workmanship.  Hand smocked garments should be hand washed and silk garments should be dry cleaned only.

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